Italian dishes Italians dont’ know

Since I moved to England I have seen a lot of dishes pass off as Italian, which don’t exist in Italy.

This amused me every time.

This is my list:

  1. Canned “Italian” ravioli or spaghetti. Nobody eat canned pasta in Italy. The first time I saw these in the supermarket I was shocked 😀
  2. Spaghetti with meatballs. The only time I saw it in Italy is when I was a child and I saw Lady and the trump.
  3. Fettuccine Alfredo. Who is Alfredo? 😀 I have never eaten fettuccine Alfredo. I have no idea about its taste or ingredients.
  4. Pizza or pasta with chicken. In Italy people eat chicken as main course, after pasta, not with pasta.
  5. Garlic Bread. In Italy we have the bruschetta: toasted slice of bread flavoured with extra virgin olive oil and garlic or/and chopped fresh tomatoes and basil but it isn’t the same. Garlic bread is too much “buttery”, bruschetta is “light”.
  6. Carbonara with everything but egg. The real carbonara is made with eggs, cheek lard and pecorino romano but somebody makes it with bacon, eggs and parmesan cheese. Someone else add some double cream. But carborara without eggs is not carbonara in Italy.
  7. Potato gnocchi in Italy is always set in the refrigerator aisle with fresh pasta.
  8. Pepperoni. In Italy if I ask for pepperoni I’ll definitely have some bell peppers (peperoni in Italian). Pepperoni is spicy Salame. Salame not Salami 😀
  9. In Italy we have cappuccino for breakfast not after lunch or in the afternoon.
  10. Coffee in Italy is short and strong. I have never had a coffee outside my home since I was here. 😀

Error of perspective – Errore di prospettiva



I’ve just baked some vegan ladyfingers for my vegamisù (vegan tiramisù)

Something went wrong. 


I made ladyfingers for giants! 

I could split them in 3 parts, maybe. 



But I made the last two righ. Hooray!



See you soon with the recipe!




Ho appena preparato dei savoiardi vegan per il mio Vegamisù (tiramisù vegan).

Però qualcosa è andato storto. 😀

Ho fatto dei savoiardi per giganti!

Forse potrei dividerli in 3 parti…

Però poi gli ultimi due biscotti li ho fatti bene. 

Ci vediamo presto con la ricetta!