My name is Kiana, I’m 29 and I’m Italian.

Last year I moved to England and now I live in Lancashire with my partner, our 6 years old son and our little girls : Rama and Karma, the cats, and Kami, the dog.

I’m vegan and this is the reason of my blog.

Many people think that vegans are radical and salad-eaters, that life of vegans are full of sacrifice and that vegan food is not real and tasty food.

So I want to share with others my passion for cooking and for good food to prove that they are wrong. Veggie food can be very tasty and very funny!

Cooking vegan needs a lot of fantasy and creativity, more than traditional one but we can enjoy the deliciousness of our meals, cruelty-free meals.

We are like wizards because we can do magic in the kitchen and I want to share with you some of my tricks.


Io sono Kiana, ho 29 anni e sono Italiana.

L’anno scorso mi sono trasferita qui in Inghilterra con il mio compagno, nostro figlio di 6 anni e le nostre bimbe: Rama e Karma, le gatte e Kami, la cagnolina.

Sono vegana e questa è la ragione per cui ho aperto questo blog.

Molte persone ancora pensano che i vegani siano degli estremisti mangiatori di insalata, che la nostra si una vita fatta di privazioni e che il nostro non sia cibo vero e gustoso. Il cibo vegano può essere veramente gustoso e divertente!

La cucina vegan richiede un sacco di fantasia e creatività, più di quella tradizionale ma noi possiamo godere della bontà dei nostri pasti, pasti privi di  crudeltà.

Siamo come maghi perchè possiamo fare delle magie in cucina e io voglio condividere i miei trucchi con voi.






20 thoughts on “About

  1. hey there thanks for popping by my blog and liking the vegan muffins, love the idea of being a wizard in the kitchen, although I do eat animal products as well, in general a well made vegetarian or vegan meal is more creative and often more satisfying as I find the animal proteins “flatten” the flavours of the food and without the original taste of a vegetable or fruit really sings forth! never would have thought I would find an Italian Vegan – and glad you said you live in the UK because the photo above didnt remind me much of Italy, happy blogging Poli

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  2. I’m so glad I discovered your blog! If there is one cuisine I could not live without, it is Italian. Italian cuisine has so much to offer vegans with the myriad vegan pasta dishes and pizzas, or dishes that are very easily veganized, and all the amazing salads and appetizers. I’m definitely coming back! Ciao for now!

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  3. Hi Kiana, thanks for popping by and “liking” my post! I totally agree when it comes to vegan food. I have so many recipes I want to share to prove that vegan baked goods can taste just as nice as (and sometimes even better than) the dairy ones! I don’t know if you’ve seen this but I tweaked a recipe to make this banana bread that in my opinion doesn’t even taste vegan!
    I hope you like it!


  4. Hi! I really like your blog! I’m not a vegan but I believe in healthy eating while exercising. I really like your recipes though. I always like to see what vegan’s come up so I can try new foods. You got a new follower!

    If you want, I have a blog where I discuss many things at whatiliketodobysteve.wordpress.com



    • thank you Steve! I’ll check your blog as soon as possible. I have this blog about vegan recipes but there is a huge world behind. I can’t express myself totally because my english is not very good at the moment but I would like in the future express other aspect of my way of life. I exercise every day for example. I think it is as important as eating clean and why not cruelty free. thanks for you comment. I really appreciate it!

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