Cauliflower with bell peppers – Cavolfiore e peperoni


Hello everyone! This is a recipe that I have learned from my mother even if she doesn’t add bell peppers. I hope you like it! / Ciao a tutti! Questa è una ricetta che ho imparato da mia mamma anche se lei non aggiunge i peperoni. Spero che vi piaccia!

Ingredients / Ingredienti:

1 cauliflower

1 or 2 bell peppers ( I prefer red or yellow) / 1 o 2 peperoni ( io preferisco quelli rossi o gialli)

2 garlic cloves / 2 spicchi d’aglio

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil / 2 cucchiai di olio evo

1 glass of water / 1 bicchiere d’acqua

1 sprig of parsley / 1 ciuffo di prezzemolo

white vinegar to taste ( about 40 ml) / aceto bianco q.b. ( circa 40 ml)

2 small red hot chilli peppers / 2 peperoncini piccoli

some black olives / qualche oliva nera

salt to taste / sale q.b.

Method / Procedimento:

  1. Heat the olive oil in a saucepan and add the chilli peppers and the garlic. Let it cook until golden brown. / Scaldare l’olio in una padella e aggiungere l’aglio e i peperoncini, facendo cuocere fino a che l’aglio non sarà dorato
  2. Cut the cauliflower and slice the peppers, then add them into the saucepan with the olives. Let it cook 4 minutes, stirring sometimes. / Tagliare il cavolfiore e affettare i peperoni, dopo di che aggiungerli nella pentola insieme alle olive. Lasciar cuocere 4 minuti mescolando di tanto in tanto.
  3. Pour the vinegar and let cook 3 minutes / Versare l’aceto e lasciar cuocere 3 minuti.
  4. Pour the water, flavour with salt and cover with the lid. / Versare l’acqua, insaporire con sale e mettere il coperchio
  5. Let it cook on low- medium heat until the vegetables are soft, stirring sometimes / Lasciar cuocere a fiamma medio-bassa fino a che le verdure non saranno morbide, mescolando di tanto in tanto.
  6. Sprinkle with chopped parsley before serving / Guarnire con prezzemolo tritato prima di servire
  7. Enjoy! / Buon appetito!

8 thoughts on “Cauliflower with bell peppers – Cavolfiore e peperoni

    • As you probably know I am Italian but I come from Sardinia. In Sardinia people speak another language in addition to Italian. Ajo means come on! And let’s vegan is like go vegan. I want to keep my origin. 😀


      • aha finally the mystery is solved, I did know you were italian I didnt know you are sardinian, beautiful island, one of my favourites. When I was backpacking years ago on a train in Sardinia I met a little old man, who told me he is a famous Sardinian author, and he had a book in Sard dialect that he had written with him and gave me a copy and signed it. I have it somewhere, looked vaguely more latin than italian if I remember correctly but it is a long time ago, must go see if I can dig it out. THANKS for putting me out of my misery and explaining!


      • your island is wonderful, the sea around it is beautiful the cliffs the wine the peoples warmth – about 5 years ago I needed a break I flew over by myself – arrived in the end of July without having hotel or car bookings and by sheer dumb luck managed to rent a very expensive car and to drive around the island while listening to loud music visiting churches and agriturismos and stopping wherever my heart told me to, it was amazing!

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